September 24, 2009


Every few years or so, I get into making myself a “project”. As in, transforming my entire look and I become a project. This usually occurs when some major milestone has happened in my life: joining my sorority, getting engaged, turning 25…turning 30...getting divorced. You name it; I celebrate my overhauling my looks.

About 10 years ago. I went totally and completely natural and chemical free with my hair. 5 years after that, I began my locs. When I was divorcing, I started losing weight and I changed up my style of dress, not trying to hide my figure and embracing who I am. And just this year. I went from brown locs to reddish-blonde to celebrate turning 30. My makeup went from pretty conservative to sometimes drama filled at times. Then back to pretty neutral (well. I can’t count make-up. That is usually when the mood hits me, depends on the occasion, etc.) I even got a new tattoo.

I need a major make-over. I mean..I feel fine. Still on the weight loss tip. Still working out. Still caring and enjoying my locs. But I am entirely too bored with my look. I think I want something new for this year. And I’m thinking about going jet black.Start wearing black nail polish and deep purple lipstick (lol). I know that sounds extreme, but that’s where I want to go with it.
I thought about cutting my locs right after the divorced but I heard outrage and cries of despair from my family and friends. (Hmm..funny..because these were the same people that when I was growing my locs didn’t think it was a good idea.). So I did a compromise and colored my hair. I just want to reinvent myself…perhaps I’d attract a better energy with a new look. I don’t know..*shrug*

Hmmm..I’m fresh out of ideas!


  1. Like fine wine, you get better with age! It appears you know what works best with you so if jet black/ deep purple is what you are feeling rock it out chic!

  2. Ya know..I am not sure if I wanna go with a totally "goth" look! LOl..cause that's what I'm sure I'd look like........but the jet black hair for winter is calling me....

  3. I think jet black hair would be so sexy on you - do it, girl!

    I'm the same way, totally celebrating life changes with some kind of physical change/evolution as well. Right now the focus is of course my weight, but I've been thinking about hair changes I wanna make as well. It will probably be bangs.

  4. I love digging into one's archives and reflecting upon past blog posts and thoughts and actions.

    Better energy, I am definitely feeling that sentiment.

    You are cool peep, Mocha.



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